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Windows 10, are you ready ?

Are you ready for Windows 10 ? As you may have heard Microsoft will be releasing a brand new version of the Windows Operating System next month. Thankfully this update will be completely free of charge for the first year of it’s life and upgrading is easy. (Windows 7 and above only) After certain updates have been installed you will notice a small White Windows icon on the bottom right of the screen, click that and enter your email address…thats it. Just before the launch on the 29th July you will be notified that the update has been downloaded and…


Hoax Search Site

I’d you ever receive an email your not sure is a hoax or scam, or ever get a message posted on Facebook that you think might be a scam (watch this video type of thing) just do a quick search on the site below as 9 times out of 10 it will be a hoax. Stopping the spread of these is the only way to stop them in the future. Take a look Hoax Slayer Completely free with no need to sign up to search. If your still unsure just ask.


Facebook Scam: Spider Under the Skin Video

Facebook Scam: Spider Under the Skin Video. If you have seen the above mentioned picture on facebook please ignore it and DO NOT click it. Otherwise it will automatically repost itself onto your wall for all of your friends to see it. It’s classed as a scam due to having a survey attached to it, the people that made it get commission on the surveys that are completed.   SO JUST DELETE IT OR IGNORE IT !!!!


XP System not booting, try this

How to start the System Restore tool by using the safe mode option with the Command prompt in Windows XP.   Useful site above if your pc refuses to start in safe mode or normal. Run the system restore from the command prompt and restore your computer to a working time.



Bug Check 0x73: CONFIG_LIST_FAILED.   I come across this a fair bit at the minute, normally caused by the laptop or pc running out of space on the hard drive. If you can get into safe mode (pressing F8 when you turn the laptop on) try deleting some files that you don’t want or alternatively download and run that to clear your pc/laptop of temporary files. Restart and see if it works.


XP Exe file fix If you have bee struck by a virus or malware and now cannot open any programs then run the program on the website above to fix the file associations.


McDonald’s Email Scam

McDonald’s ‘Free Dinner Day’ Malware Email Outline Email purporting to be from fast food giant McDonald’s claims that the recipient can print out an attached invitation to receive a “Free Dinner Day” meal on June 26, 2011. Brief Analysis The email is not from McDonald’s and the claim that the attachment contains an invitation for a free meal is untrue. In fact, the attachment contains malware. Detailed analysis and references below example. Scroll down to submit comments Last updated: 23rd June 2011 First published: 22nd June 2011 Article written by Brett M. Christensen About Brett Christensen and Hoax-Slayer Example Good…

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