Console Repairs

Coast Computers have been repairing all current and older generation games consoles and computers since 2008.  These can range from the old NES to the Playstation 3.

Console not reading discs anymore ?

Broken dvd tray ?

Cracked psp screen ?

Dead console ?

Has your Xbox 360 developed the dreaded RROD (red ring of death) and won’t turn on ?  don’t worry we have the tools here to fix your system within a couple of days.

Is your psp bricked ? (green light comes on but no display then light goes out)

Just give Coast Computers a call on 01803 665005 to arrange a free quote, we will either come out to you and diagnose the fault and quote there and then or take the system away to do a full diagnostics check and then let you know the total cost so there is no hidden extras to worry about.

The price we quote is the price you pay, it really is as simple as that.

We have all of the tools available to repair all consoles including the unbricking of PSP’s.



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