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New payment processor

Good afternoon,

In case you dont use facebook I have now started to use an additional payment processor for those that want to pay their invoices online.

Currently I use Zettle (Paypal company) for in person payments using a debit/credit card.  Card holder not present payments were processed by entering the card number etc but this caused issues with security in some instances.

Moving forward I will now be using Stripe for those that want to pay using any web browser or mobile smart phone.

An invoice will be generated and emailed to you, simply click the link in the email and press pay now.

Enter your card details and thats it.  WIll instantly receive a receipt after payment so you know its all gone through.

This way it saves having to give card details over the phone for me to take payment.

Obviously you can still pay via card in person, BACS payments and cash, this just gives you different options to pay.