Windows 10, are you ready ?

Are you ready for Windows 10 ? As you may have heard Microsoft will be releasing a brand new version of the Windows Operating System next month. Thankfully this update will be completely free of charge for the first year of it’s life and upgrading is easy. (Windows 7 and above only)

After certain updates have been installed you will notice a small White Windows icon on the bottom right of the screen, click that and enter your email address…thats it.

Just before the launch on the 29th July you will be notified that the update has been downloaded and is ready to install, all you do is click install and wait.

There will be small issues with some software so if you would like your computer or laptop checked for compatibility then get in touch so we can make the upgrade as easy as possible.

Before doing any update like this it is recommended to do a complete computer backup just in case the worst happens.